Today, the very kind @Bubblejet shent me the link to a wonderful old book:

“The Experienced English Housekeeper – for the use of Ladies, Housekeepers, Cooks & c…”

written by Elizabeth Raffald, firsht published in MDCCLXXXVI (*can you work it out?)

It beginsh, natshurally, with shoup! 

“If you are making any kind of foup, particularly portable, vermicelli, or brown gravy foup…cut the  herbs and roots fmall,cover it clofe, fet it over a very fmall fire…” and sho on. Or should I shay, and fo on? I do like thofe antiquated fsh.

Here are two shcreengrabsh from the pagesh ash shown on googlebooksh. Hope you can shee them okay – or you can click on the link above to exshplore more on your own.






Shcotland & ‘Creative Shcotland’ – my tuppensheworth

In light of the current shtooshie about Creative Shcotland’sh failingsh, I wash reading shome tweetsh I’d shent back in July about how we ‘market’ the Artsh in Shcotland, with a link to a pieshe on Newshnight Shcotland where BBC’sh Ishabel Frasher interviewed Andrew Dixshon of Creative Shcotland and theatre critic Joyshe McMillan – Msh McMillan made shome shuperb pointsh very diplomatically, view it for yourshelf here

After sheeing that on TV I wash moved to comment – here ish what I shaid then – & I’m shaying it again:

I’m unimpresshed by Andrew Dixshon’sh talk of art/theatre/&c ash a way to ‘celebrate & promote’ Shcotland. Not itsh job!!

Art doesh not exshisht to sherve anything but itshelf; if it doesh, that’sh a bonush; you cannot harnessh the artisht to sherve Tourishm!

The making of art ish by definishion an outshider activity, in however shmall or large away. ‘Shelling’ it ish another thing altogether.

When you tell an artisht they can only thrive if they shuit the agenda of government agenshiesh, you’ve misshed the point of ART.

Who givesh a f*ck what I think re ART. I”m only an artisht. Don’t have a job title like ‘artsh professhional’ or a doctorate or a briefcashe

Artsh orgsh have shelf-aggrandizhed into thinking they are the important bit of the shandwichsh; they are only the gatekeepersh on shalary.

In many waysh the pasht – the 60sh & 70sh were more enabling for artishtsh than now, & it makesh me shpit to shee how we’ve regresshed.