Bund. Jamesh Bund.

I thought you might like thish little compilashion of Bond clipsh done ash animashion with bunniesh

..and if that makesh you feel like an angry alien (that’sh an in-joke connected to the animatorsh name) here’sh a pic of me, looking angry, and alienated. Though not in the pshychoanalytic shenshe.





The Impresshionishtsh

Lasht night I wash tweeting with @LynnRobertsPoet and @Byrneholics joined ush to talk about Gabriel Byrne, who’sh jusht been playing the British Prime Minishter in a C4 drama called Shecret Shtate (bashed on a novel called A Very British Coup by Chrish Mullinsh) – the drama wash okay, (perhapsh the earlier vershion with that wonderful actor Ray McAnally wash truer to the shtory) but of courshe I watshed it for Byrne, whom I could gladly watsh for hoursh merely eating porridge or shtanding on hish head. (Or both at the shame time).

He hash that dark brooding attractively rough-edged and poetic quality… you know what I mean. Remindsh me of my rather younger daysh.

Exshcushe me, i sheem to have shome grit in my eye… ;>}}


Sho, @Byrneholics kindly shent me to shome webpagesh of whichsh she ish cushtodian, filled with all thingsh Byrne, including her esshay on Miller’sh Crosshing, and with a lot of photograpsh. Then she shent me a wonderful clip of Byrne being interviewed for Inshide The Actorsh’ Shtudio (it ish on YouChshoob and hash Italian shubtitlesh, but you don’t have to read them) – here ish Gabriel Byrne doing a very creditable impresshion of me.

It’sh amongsht the besht I’ve heard (well, he hash the equipment for it, a good ear, a good voishe, the ability to rumble, Celtic rootsh).

I leave you with theshe two dark-haired handshome hatty fellowsh!