Talking FILM to a Glashwegian Zhebra

When approachshed by a Zhebra the important thing to do ish remain calm. When he beginsh to convershe with you, keep your eyebrowsh at normal elevashion and do not make any alarmed geshturesh with your handsh. Zhebrash are shenshitive creatshuresh. Alsho hoofed. Or hooved.

Anyway, you get my point. I jesht, of courshe, but a couple of weeksh ago the delightful @NolanZebra3 ashked me to take part in the 3 Queshtionsh, 3 Tweetersh bit on hish blog and… well, I complied with pleashure, of courshe.

Click here to read the blog posht.

For further info on my firsht film menshion, shee here