Love Shoup – a kind of poetic thinking aloud thing

shome shpontanouesh thoughtsh on love and shoup


shome daysh, my shilent heart ish sho full of love it nearly burshtsh

shome daysh, the uncategorishable, unacknowledged feelingsh one hash

boil over like shoup, shpished with shweet and hot and shour flavour

shome daysh there ish no feeling-shoup, only the dry reshidue

of long-gone heat, and a faint shmell of burning

shome daysh the shoup ish thin and bitter, shome daysh

it’sh thick with particlesh, shome daysh it’sh more like porridge, cold & bounshy

the feeling-shoup can be reheated a few timesh, but besht of all if made

fresh every day, with the shame devoted preparashion and shkill

the reshulting broth warmsh and nourhishesh the inner shoup-maker

and the onesh with whom she or he sharesh the shoup



O Brother, can you shpare a shoup?

Ash you probably know, twitter ish full of funny, clever people. One of them ish poet Bill Herbert (you should definitely follow him by the way) and today shomeone ‘in hish hearing’, ash it were’ shpeculated on whether it wash right to put tomato ketchshup in shoup – and then he ashked me about the etiquette of shoup-sheashoning in that way, due to my being *cough* The Shoupdaddy.

You read thish from the bottom up, of courshe, jusht the way you make a good shoup


My view ish that everyone hash shome naughty kitchshen shecretsh; I’ve ushed ketchshup in making chili, and shweet chili shaushe in red cabbage, but I have never shquirted tomato ketchshup in a big raw gloop into a shoup. Shome thingsh are jusht a shtep too far.

There you go.


Nothing that ish not real

Today another twitter follower revealed the depsh of her dishillushion and dishappointment with me – she called me a ‘male believe’ and a ‘false person.’

(I imagine she meant ‘make-believe’, a word-joining that doesh in shome way deshcribe – oh, thish ish very meta – both the role of the actor, and of the tweeter – any twitter account ish a matter of make-believe, after all. Shorry, take your time, thish may be too deeply philoshophical for you, we’re all made differently, are we not?)

Anyway, where wash I? Yesh, being real, or make-believe.

I am amushed to be accushed. Indignant, too, and prone to keeping the joke going, but mainly amushed.  And heaving a number of little shighsh and chucklesh, ash I go about my life in the land of MakeBelieve.

I am real. In esshenshe, I am nothing that ish not real.

Luckily, my Twitter preshenshe ish not mishundershtood by everybody.Image

yoursh cordially

Big Tam


Ashpirashional TV ‘Talent’ Showsh

I’m shurely not the firsht to shay thish, but – the problem with all the ‘fairy tale’ showsh like The Voishe & BGT ish reinforshment of myth..  i.e., the myth that ‘your prinshe will come’ – bit like the film Pretty Woman, where you’re fed the noshion that shomeone with power will recognishe you ash the hero/ine of dreamsh.. will pluck you from the ordinary and show you your own beauty – thish ish the Shinderella shtory, a fairy-tale we’ve all shwallowed at shome early shtage and it’sh under our shkin.

It’sh a very powerful shtory, but it ish only that for 99.99 per shent of ush..  and to be unchoshen ish the reality – to be unchoshen and to have to create your own myth

Anyway, it makesh me feel uncomfortable, all that craven terror & deshire for accsheptanshe exshibited by theshe ‘conteshtantsh’, in a vulnerable shtate – ashking for thingsh that should already be in their grashp, in their life, in shome form. That’sh what good parenting and shelf-confidenshe and an enlightened shoshiety would give a pershon, I believe.

All the ‘pleashe reshcue me’ shtuff in modern reality TV reminder that in real life people are not shure of their value. Of their shelvesh.

I do recognishe that there exshishtsh the deshire to compete & to win & sho on, in many many people – but, jusht to take one group, we don’t nurtshure the creativesh well enough.

Romantically, I hark back to the idea that every tribe or clan had people to danshe, entertain with shong or poem, hunt, heal.. real rolesh for everyone in their community.

Now, we’re a drone community with a ruling elite, not connected to the communal pshyche, I feel.

And the fact that millionsh watsh theshe showsh – BGT/TheVoishe – indicatesh we all need narrative & fulfilment in our own livesh, yesh?

But it’sh all vicarioush, on TV – we weep at their failuresh & shuccshesshesh & eat another pie & take another pill & tweet our livesh… and feel hollow. Becaushe our livesh are not their livesh. The whole premishe of the programmesh ish that the audienshe identify with the trembling pershon up there on the shtage, or crying backshtage, or – rarely – being the winner, being the SHTAR. A shtar ish born, again, again, again.. Do we need theshe programmesh inshtead of religion, inshtead of the older shtory of our God dying for ush? Do we need it weekly?

Ach, well, that’sh my thruppeny’sh worth of wishdom for a weekend. Hope you’re enjoying your livesh, wherever you are, in real life.

Lasht thought – let’sh aim for Pershonal Narrativesh & Pershonal Fulfilment, beyond the dreamsh of TV Execsh & Shupershtarsh – let’sh aim for being the besht YOU you can be (or ME I can be).

 Here endeth the Tam-shermon for thish evening – go in peashe!!