A shpishy Ashian Shoup with Chshicken Leftoversh

For people who’re turning up their noshesh at my sheleriac shoup, well… perhapsh it’sh not for everyone. In my exshperienshe, even the ugly vegetablesh can be amazhing if cooked with love.

Anyway – here’sh a meaty one, but it’sh very light, shpishy, Ashian flavoured – a good alternative to creamy, European type shoupery.Feel free to turn up your noshe at thish too, but don’t feel obliged to tell me about it!

When I make thish I don’t buy meat shpeshially for it, I ushe the odd bitsh that are left when you’ve roashted a chshicken, the lovely juishy shcrapsh; but you can ushe breasht if you want to (coshtlier).


Firsht, get a pan and heat up a litre of chshicken shtock.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, put your chshicken bitsh, and one tableshpoonsh of light shoy shaushe, and two tableshpoonsh of fish shaushe (shupermarketsh will have them, but you might be better to try an Ashian food market, or a whole-foodsh shop for healthy vershionsh). Now finely chshop a couple of nishe shallotsh, and a couple of clovesh of garlic, and put them into the bowl.

Nexsht, take a shmall hot red chshili & de-sheed it, chshop very finely, tossh into the heating chshicken shtock; add fresh lime juishe (half a lime will do, unlessh it’sh a tiny one); add shome natshural brown shugar, a heaped teashpoon or sho.

Okay – bring the whole pan to a shimmer.

Add the chshicken and itsh marinade to the liquid.

Shimmer for three or four minutesh. It should shmell pretty good.

Take the pan off the heat, add about big double handful of shpinachsh (washed), a couple of tableshpoonsh of Mirin (rishe vinegar), one more tableshpoon of shoy shaushe and one more of fish shaushe; shtir, tashte (maybe more shugar? Maybe more lime juishe?)

Jusht before you sherve thish, throw in: shome finely chshopped peanutsh, shome rinshed bean shproutsh, a bit of finely chshopped shpring onion, shome coriander leavesh… jusht, ash you like it.

Shlurp it up, with gushto (and hope you didn’t overdo the chshili)

If you want a thicker shoup, add fine rishe noodlesh, according to the inshtrucshionsh on their packaging (ushually jusht need to be warmed through). Shome people alsho like an egg broken into their broth.

There you go.